Butcher’s Tears Brewery

Butcher’s Tears is a small brewery located at the Karperweg in the south of Amsterdam. Butcher’s Tears was started by two Swedes, of which Eric is the brewmaster and the creative brain. The brewery is adjacent to their brewpub, this is laidback place where you can enjoy the wide assortment of beers of Butcher’s Tears. And in spring and summer time the terrace is especially pleasant.

Butcher’s Tears is a unique brewery in Amsterdam. Their brewing process deviates from other breweries due to their open fermentation process. This, amongst others, makes that their beers taste a little different. The beer portfolio of Butcher’s Tears is wide, it covers various beers styles and it varies continuously. The recipes are inspired by old brewery traditions with some adjustments to the contempary beer culture.

With an exciting portfolio like this Eric and the team can assure you theirs a Butchers Tears beer for every taste. Available now at Bottel.

Exclusively available at Bottel: