De 7 Deugden

The 7 Deugden Brewery, led by Garmt Haakma, brews quite distinct beers compared to those in the market: a triple with cloves, a stout with coffee, a lager with red peppers, a dunkel weizen with cardamom. Surprising beers that invite to be tasted.

Taste is the prority for de 7 Deugden. It is rooted in the exceptional quality of the ingredients . Herbs and spices are used to make their beers taste exceptional. They strive to know the producers of the raw materials, so they can tell their stories as well building a sustainable socially engaged business.

This is  another special element of the 7 Deugden, social entrepreneurship. Strikingly the brewery  staff consist for 90% of people who could not find a job elswhere because of any form of disability. Together they work on a great product and a fantastic business. Currently based in Osdorp.

Exclusively available at Bottel:

  • ScheepsRecht | De 7 Deugden Brewery