Kleiburg Brewery

The ‘Kleiklooster’ is a spiritual, hospitable spot in Kleiburg, an appartments building in the Bijlmer, Amsterdam. The people of the monastery believe that it is wrong if anyone has to be completely on their own. Thats why they live together and have the doors of the house always open. It is a place for a good conversation with a locally brewed beer.
Brewery Kleiburg is a social enterprise and closely linked to Kleiklooster. They build on the centuries-old tradition of monasteries brewing their own abbey beers. Thomas (Mad Genius) Hermsen is the brewmaster and from the start in 2015 he has been the developer of all the recipes. From late 2016 Kreiburg Brewery has its own brewery with a tasting room in the Bijlmer, right next to the A9 and Ikea.

The beers of Brewery Kleiburg always combine something traditional and contemporary. In its short existence Brewery Kleiburg has developed seven different beers:
Blonde double – Triple IPA – Oak Weizen – Quadruple Poorter – Sicilian White – Porter Saison – Quadruple Bock – Quadrupel Poorter

Exclusively available at Bottel: